Product Care

Carefully consider the following when caring for your earthybird products.  Although they're already built to last, these few tips and tricks will help them further stand the test of time.


An easy way to care for your jewelry is by simply wearing it often!  The natural oil from your skin will help clean the silver and keep it shiny.  A general rule of thumb when it comes to preventative care is to remove your silver when doing household chores.  Jewelry that comes into direct contact with household chemicals, rubber, chlorinated water, or sulfuric substances like eggs, onions, mayonnaise, mustard, latex, or wool may cause corrosion and/or tarnishing.  It’s also important to be careful with lotions, cosmetics, and hair products as these may also affect the condition of your jewelry.  If the tarnishing isn’t too severe, polishing your piece with a microfiber or nonabrasive cloth should do the trick.  Keep in mind that using long, back-and-forth motions that mirror the grain of the silver are your best bet.  If your piece has a patina applied to it, however, polishing may remove the patina and alter the original appearance.

Waxed Canvas

Part of the appeal of waxed canvas goods is their rugged character.  The various scuffs, creases, and blemishes are part of what makes them so attractive.  A waxed canvas item should never need to be washed, as doing so may remove the wax that is carefully threaded between individual fibres.  In extreme cases, a waxed canvas item may be washed with soft soap and cold water – however, this may call for a re-waxing afterwards.  A waxed canvas product should never be ironed, either.  To do so would either remove the wax (and call for a complete re-waxing) or burn the material to the point of irreversible damage.


Make sure to always handle your leather products with clean hands, as leather is susceptible to absorbing the oil and grease that naturally accumulates on them.  To remove any fresh oil marks, wiping clean with a damp cotton cloth should be all that’s required.  If there’s a buildup of dirt, wipe down with a cleaner made specifically for leather.  Actively avoid cleaning products with alcohol, turpentine, or other mineral spirits as they may dry out and/or discolour leather.  Be mindful that leather is permeable and not entirely waterproof.  If there’s a water spill or you get stuck in bad weather, let it dry naturally.  Using a hair dryer or other high-heat measures will cause crinkling and further damage.  To prevent flaking and wrinkling, consider applying leather conditioner to your product a few times per year, as this will help the leather retain its soft and supple texture.  

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